Total Turmoil: Unveiling South Korea's Stake in Mozambique's Climate and Humanitarian Crisis 2024-01-29

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Mozambique is home to an extensive offshore gas field, which has garnered worldwide interest for commercial exploitation. There are four major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects currently in development in the Rovuma Basin within Cabo Delgado province, northern Mozambique, making it the most extensive gas expansion initiative in Africa. South Korean companies and public financial institutions are actively involved across the value chain of the Mozambique gas projects. Solutions for Our Climate has identified the pivotal roles of South Korean stakeholders in the development of Mozambique gas projects as they supply essential facilities for production and transportation and support the initiatives through financial investment. We are releasing a report titled 'Total Turmoil: Unveiling South Korea’s Stake in Mozambique’s Climate and Humanitarian Crisis,' providing an overview of the progress of the Mozambique gas projects and addressing issues arising from the involvement of South Korean stakeholders in the development.


Please download the full report below for detailed information.