[Report] Not All Hydrogen is Clean: Key Issues Regarding South Korea's Clean Hydrogen Certification 2024-02-06

Next year, the Korean government will introduce a "Clean Hydrogen Certification System" to incentivize the use of clean hydrogen. The purpose of the clean hydrogen certification system is to contribute to carbon neutrality by promoting domestic clean hydrogen. However, the government's current definition of "clean hydrogen" includes hydrogen based on fossil fuels, which goes against the original purpose of carbon neutrality and is unlikely to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction. In addition, the "Clean Hydrogen Power Generation Bidding Market" will include hydrogen/ammonia fossil fuel co-firing power generator as a participant, which is expected to cause many problems.

This brief aims to point out the limitations of the "Clean Hydrogen Certification System" and the "Clean Hydrogen Power Generation Bidding Market" currently being considered by the government and suggest ways to improve them.



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